Kendall Jenner’s Nude Pics Leak

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Kendall Jenner did some interesting things sans clothes in leaked photos.

Kendall Jenner is likely the most natural of all the Kardashian sisters. She is tall, slim, and doesn’t have the curved flaunted by her sisters. This has propelled her into a highly successful runway and modeling career.

Now shots of her modeling on the beach naked hit the Internet, and people went crazy.

This isn’t the first time she’s taken racy photos, however. A few years back, she did a topless shoot for LOVE Magazine. While little the Kardashian family does shocks people anymore, having her bare choocha on a horse drew some interesting responses.

She’s been busy at New York Fashion Week, which aligned with the photos going public. We’re wondering how her latest boyfriend, Ben Simmons, feels about these.

People were not kind. It seems they despise the “fairness” of her sisters’ bodies, but they seem to hate her slim figure just as much. Lesson? You can’t win in Hollywood or on the Internet.

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