Kathy Griffin and Randy Bick Got Hitched on New Year’s! See the Hilarious Wedding Clips

kathy griffin randy bick

Kathy Griffin has finally settled down with her longtime boyfriend, Randy Bick, and the two had a surprise wedding just after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The couple has been together since 2011, and they acknowledged that despite some difficulties along the way, they were willing to stick it out forever – together. So, they figured why not tie the knot and make it official?

The ceremony was full of giggles and chuckles, as it would have been a travesty if not. Adding to the fun, none other than Kathy’s good friend Lily Tomlin officiated the ceremony. She even wore the same dress she wore on their first date way back in 2011.

Kathy posted the footage of the ceremony on her social media, letting fans know the deed was done but also letting them share in the moment with her. She even joked about attending the Kardashiain New Year’s Eve party, “thanking” them for throwing such a wonderful “engagement party” for Kathy and Randy (unbeknownst to the Kardashian/Jenners, of course), writing, “they were kind enough to host a gigantic ENGAGEMENT PARTY FOR US! I mean they didn’t technically know it was an engagement party for us but boy they spared no expense!”

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