Internet Reacts to Death of Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein has died from alleged suicide from his jail cell, after facing substantial legal trouble and ruin from accusations of horrible sex crimes against underage girls and women.

Reports claim that Epstein hung himself in his cell. The news comes just days after he was previously found in a cell with injuries that officials believe were also self-inflicted. He had been in a special housing unit on suicide watch since the first incident, which creates even more questions about what happened.

Guards are supposed to monitor such inmates 24 hours a day, but it clearly failed in this case.

He was rushed to a hospital near the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan after he was found early this morning in cardiac arrest.

Jeffrey Epstein was facing charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking, and he’d long been linked to President Trump, who once tweeted that Epstein was a great guy that liked very young women. Alleged victims of Epstein are reportedly as young as 14 years old.

He faced up to 45 years in prison based on the current charges. That would have been quite a change for a billionaire who literally was able to do as he pleased and skirt the law for years, especially at 66 years of age.

He was initially taken into custody on July 6th and had been denied bail at an earlier hearing.

Of course, people everywhere had a lot to say, and they went to social media to react.

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