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Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife!

A Florida man was caught trying to meet a 14-yr-old girl for sex, but police also found a shovel, duct tape, and a gun in his vehicle. A 36-year-old man police say thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl for sex was arrested in Florida while found carrying a shovel, duct tape and gun in his trunk.

Antonio Seisdedos, who claims to be a former Marine, was arrested in Davie Thursday after the girl’s mother allegedly checked her cell phone and discovered lewd text messages and photographs of an adult man.

In the messages police said date back to Feb. 24, Seisdedos allegedly complimented the girl on her beauty, described how babies are made, discussed how to avoid getting pregnant, and also praised her on her love-making skills, the Sun Sentinel reported.

On April 4, the mother reported the texts to police, who learned from her daughter that she met Seisdedos at a Publix supermarket in Davie.
He allegedly told her she was cute and they exchanged phone numbers — all while knowing she was only 14.



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