Fans Speculate That Kylie Jenner is Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate

There’s a new twist to the Kylie pregnancy rumors.

Everyone seems to be pretty confident at this point that Kylie Jenner either is still pregnant or has since given birth to a child by now and is keeping it under wraps.

However, some fans are now speculating as to whether she actually was the true surrogate for big sister Kim Kardashian.

Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, had planned to have a third child using a surrogate due to potential health complications for Kim. The surrogate was identified as likely being this woman.

However, now there’s a new twist: fans are giving two scenarios. Either Kylie was really the one acting as Kim’s surrogate, or Kim will adopt Kylie’s child and they will try to pretend Kylie was never pregnant at all, having Kim claim the child as hers.

Others think perhaps Khloe will be the one adopting the baby:

We never know what to believe with this family.

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