Fans React to Amber Rose and Her Giant Face Tattoo

amber rose

Amber Rose jumped on the culture train by getting a giant tattoo across her forehead, and now people have a lot to say about it.

Plenty of celebs – and non-celebs – have opted to get inked in the most conspicuous place possible: their face. From Gucci Mane’s ice cream on his cheek to Amber Rose’s new ink, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Amber already has a ton of tattoos, but they have been primarily on her arms until now. She debuted new art on her forehead in big, cursive letters reading the names of her son: Bash Slash.

She posted a pic of the ink on Instagram, and many fans hoped it was just temporary. However, it appears that it is indeed the real deal.

Amber Rose said afterwards that she was inspired to get the tattoo because of Kobe Bryant’s recent death. She says she’s focused on ‘living [her] best life’ with no regrets. That includes the face tattoo (so far, anyway).

Some fans were upset because they felt she was far too pretty to mess up her face with permanent ink – something she can’t undo or hide.

Others, however, supported Amber’s choice, celebrating her individualism and freedom.

Amber isn’t the only celeb getting new ink in 2020. Chris Brown also felt the need to decorate his face too.

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