Fans Drag Kim Kardashian for Blackface AGAIN, but She Denies It

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian just went old Hollywood on the cover of 7Hollywood, but some are taking note of the styling that makes her look, well…like a black woman.

In the photos that grace the cover and pages of 7Hollywood Magazine, she wore a black glittering dress, period-style jewels and curls, as well as a notable tan. Her makeup changed the shape of her eyes and lips, and the angle made her appear almost unrecognizable (Ok, we didn’t recognize her until we saw the name on the cover).

kim kardashian blackface

She immediately faced backlash after posting the photos hyping the spread. Fans were NOT here for this nonsense, calling her and the magazine out for blatant disrespect, with one saying, “Was the point to make her appear more ethnic,” asked one irate follower. “What’s with the darkening [of] her skin color? She in no way is that complexion naturally. Unacceptable.”

Another user wrote, “can we all just leave kim kardashian (the kardashians period) in this decade? they profit and benefit from black women/culture and they have a weird fetish for black men. you can’t tell me this shit right here isn’t blackface.”

kim kardashian blackface

Some users defended the star, saying, “This looks amazing!! Sick of everyone trying to pick apart every thing. Art is supposed to transcend “race”, religion, class etc… Kim isn’t even in blackface!”

Kim has been accused of donning “blackface” several times before, including in the photos that “broke the Internet.”

A source close to Kim said it was the lighting, but…in a professional photoshoot, you’d think if the lighting was making you look like another race and this was NOT intended, you’d be able to catch and correct that, yea?

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