Disney Star Devan Leos Gets No Jail Time in Attempted Murder Case

devan leos

Apparently attempted murder is not that big of a deal anymore, leaving Disney actor Devan Leos breathing a huge sigh of relief. The actor was on the hook facing major time for attempted murder after an incident in 2018 at a 7-Eleven with a transient man resulted in his arrest.

Apparently in December 2018, Devan Leos and a friend stopped by the convenience store to pick up some munchies or what-have-you, and they somehow ended up in an argument with a homeless man. Yada, yada, yada…next thing you know, Leos hit the gas and drove in the direction of the man after he kicked their car in the parking lot, hopping the curb and knocking the man to the ground. Court docs say he accelerated several times, not just once.

Leos will not spend time behind bars after pleading no contest to a single count of attempted murder in April of last year. Another charge for assault with a deadly weapon was thrown out with the plea deal. He was ultimately sentenced to 5 years of probation and community service requiring him to work at a homeless shelter and for the California highway department.

So in the end, his bad behavior won’t get him any jail time, but soon you can spot him picking up trash along PCH. We’d call that pretty lucky, frankly.

Leos’ credits include Mighty Med, Marvin Marvin, and the movie Madea’s Witness Protection, plus many other appearances and roles on TV and in film.

He is not the first Disney star to behave badly, either, with stars like Shia LaBeouf, Orlando Brown, and others have frequently gotten attention for their erratic behavior at times. Orlando Brown recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and told Dr. Phil he wasn’t able to remember all his children’s names.

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