Did Taylor Swift Just Blatantly Rip Off Beyonce?!

Taylor Swift is no stranger to criticism, but now the Beyhive has come for her after she put on what many say is a direct (and poorly executed) ripoff of Beyonce’s Homecoming performance at Coachella during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Beyonce put on a historic performance she titled “Homecoming” at this past year’s Coachella festival, where she headlined. She followed up the performance with a documentary of the same name on Netflix, which reportedly brought the singer upwards of $60 million just for the special.

At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift opened the show with a performance of her latest hit “ME!” in what many saw as a clear copycat performance of Beychella. So much so, in fact, that Twitter created the hashtag #Mayochella.

The performance featured a marching band, drums, costumes, and more, but many said it lacked the flavor and originality of Bey’s performance.

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