Deadmau5 Apologizes for Homophobic Slurs

Deadmau5 has seen the light. He is now apologizing for homophobic slurs he let slip during a gaming session on Twitch.

During the stream, he referred to a troll as a “f*cking c**k-sucking stream sniper f*g” on the platform.

Naturally, backlash ensued. He gave a hasty reply trying to justify his words, saying he “intended to insult a f*ckin asshat who was being a f*cking asshat.”

“It was all around an incredibly irresponsible and insensitive thing to say nonetheless. Especially for someone who has a reach.”

He continued, saying, “What I said was incredibly stupid, and I don’t actually hold those beliefs, at all. I let some gamer get the best of me, and in that moment I completely lost control.”

“Sometimes I just f*ck up. I do mean well. And I’m at least man enough to know when I’ve f*cked up. And I’ve f*cked up.”

That didn’t go over so well either.

After taking some time to think it through, he now says he was wrong both for his original statement and his reply.

“I know what I said was wrong, and my hastily composed non-apology was an insult to injury,” Deadmau5 said.

“I realize that trying to somewhat dismiss it as ‘gamer culture’ was even worse. I don’t know why I did that. But I do know it was stupid and insensitive and I feel even more ashamed. This was my worst moment.”

Following the incident, he was suspended from Twitch.

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