Courtney Love In Hot Water For Stalking Baby Mama of Daughter’s Ex

<img src=“courtney-love-francis-bean.jpg” alt=“Courtney love and francis bean” title=“Courtney love and francis bean”>

Courtney Love is that crazy mother-in-law everyone dreads.

Francis Bean, the daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, recently went through a messy divorce with Isaiah Silva. He also won a suit again his ex allowing him to keep a guitar owned by Bean’s father, Kurt Cobain, arguing it was a wedding gift.

It seems the ordeal got under the skin of Bean’s mother, Courtney Love. She was just sued for stalking Isaiah Silva’s baby mama.

Courtney enlisted the help of her manager, Sam Lufti, to do the dirty work. He allegedly left a message for her saying “I’ll put you in the street you f**king c**t. You d**e, f**king bitch, whore.”

Isaiah Silva also filed a suit claiming that the pair were plotting his murder to retrieve the guitar.

WTF is up with this family?! Courtney, get off the drugs already.

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