Ciara Says Her Ex Future Might Try to Kill Russell Wilson

She’s taking the threats seriously.


Ciara has brought evidence of Future’s threats towards her current boyfriend, Russell Wilson, to court. She’s been battling it out in a defamation lawsuit against Future, and now she is bringing docs in showing that he has been making continued threats towards the life of her current beau, football player Russell Wilson.

Ciara with boyfriend Russell Wilson

Ciara with boyfriend Russell Wilson

She cites one post on social media with two football emojis and three guns pointing at them, a thinly veiled threat she sees as aimed at her boyfriend. Future denied making the post, saying, “Nah, man, I didn’t do that. But they thought I did it,” he told Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” last July. “I wouldn’t do something like that.” He said it came from a fake FaceBook page, not his.

She also cites lyrics in one of his new songs, ‘Juice,’ where he raps, “Tryna f–k my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

Ciara with ex-fiance Future

Ciara with ex-fiance Future

The drama with these two never stops! Is she being dramatic trying to win a case or does she really have a reason to worry?

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