Chrissy Teigen Live Tweets as She Flees Earthquake Danger in Bali With John Legend and Their Children

An earthquake in Bali sent Chrissy Teigen into a panic.

What a better spot to vacation than the beautiful Bali, right? Chrissy Teigen and John Legend headed to the tropical paradise to vacation with their children only to be awoken in the night by a 6.9 earthquake. She tweeted updates once she reached safety, but they included her play-by-play of walking outside naked with her baby during the panic.

She tweeted that they were on higher ground and safe. So far, officials say that 91 people have been killed. Many residents of the island have been fearful of a tsunami. While Chrissy’s tweets give a sense of lighthearted relief, there is a lot of help needed to rescue and assist people living there.

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