Chrissy Teigen Decides Underwear Not Necessary for White House Correspondents Dinner

    This just seems really inappropriate. We get it. You’re hot. You don’t like to wear underwear. No complaints here! But if you’re going to the White House, we just think it would be less tacky to just put some damn underwear on.


    “The slip was so high on that dress, one photographer said, ‘Oh, wow’ … because when she walked the dress kept flapping open,” says one guest. Teigen’s sexy Zuhair Murad dress also flew open as she bent down to pick up a license she found on the ground and handed it to a Secret Service agent. “She gave them a show,” says the guest. Along with the Secret Service, Bill Belichick was caught on camera earlier panting over the model at the Washington Hilton during the dinner. Teigen’s husband, John Legend, even tweeted a pic of the New England Patriots coach caught in the act, writing, “Spy gate” as the caption.

    So politics has come to this.



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