Chris Brown Sings About the One That Got Away – But Who Is He Talking About?


Breezy is regretting losing someone…but who?

Chris Brown just dropped a new song with Dave East titled “Perfect.” On the song, he sings about a “good girl” who got away…so is he talking about Rihanna? Karrueche? Or is this just a song? Check out some of the lyrics:

Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (why)
Why you won’t listen no more? (listen)
Damn I let a good girl go
Away, away, away, I’ve been (away)
All around the world
And I’ve been lookin’ for you searchin’ (I’ve been lookin’)
You deserve it ’cause you perfect

You deserve it ’cause you perfect (perfect)
You make every moment worth it (every moment)
I’m flyin’ down Collins, I’m shirtless (skrr)
Just thinking how you might’ve curved it (might have curved it)
I knew you a minute, don’t act like you don’t know the business
I’ve been tryin’ to get all up in it



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