Chris Brown Opens Up About Exactly What Happened With Rihanna and the Infamous Assault

Chris Brown is finally revealing what led up to him assaulting Rihanna.

We all remember that fateful night when Chris Brown beat the lights out of Rihanna in his lambo. A new documentary titled “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life” delves into the details surrounding Chris and his relationship with Rihanna that led to the night that nearly ruined his career.

Those who have seen the film in advance say that Chris points to him hooking up with another woman early on in his and Rihanna’s relationship, and he told her about it after feeling guilty. When the woman popped up at the Grammy’s and approached Chris, it caused major turmoil and the fight that led to him assaulting her.

We’re sure there’s a lot more insight into this and more of Chris’s life, which we all know has had some major ups and downs. Will you watch? We can’t wait!



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