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UPDATED: Chris Brown in Standoff With Police as he Barricades Himself Inside His House

Chris is always in some ish.

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UPDATE: Chris has reportedly been charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Check back for more updates.

UPDATE: Chris has exited his home calm and collected, and he has NOT been arrested. He had refused to let police in until they obtained a warrant, which they clearly had trouble doing. So far, there is a lot to be determined about what actually went down.

Chris Brown has barricaded himself in his home after cops were called by a woman hanging at his house who claims he threatened her with a gun.

The woman, who our sources have identified as Baylee Curran, called police early this morning from Chris’s home to say that he had threatened her with a gun. Allegedly, she claims she was just “admiring” some jewelry when Chris freaked out on her and pulled the weapon, telling her to get out.

We all know Chris is a bit of a hothead, but usually he has a good reason. She also claims he seemed to be on drugs, but it’s a he-said/she-said at this point.

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Cops and SWAT swarmed the home, and Chris is still inside at the moment, though he reportedly threw a bag of what police claim was full of guns and drugs out the window. Things are still sketchy at the moment as more of the events unfold. Some of Chris’s friends have left his house and are outside.

Chris has posted several videos to his social media while inside the house:



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