Chelsea Handler Instagram’s Her Butt in Response To Kim K’s PaperMag Cover

    Chelsea is never one to fall back. And we love a girl who can poke fun at herself! No shame.
    If Kim Kardashian made the Internet explode with her ass photo … Chelsea Handler just made the rubble bounce.

    Chelsea posed sans oil, and as far as we can see it’s not Photoshopped … which makes it extremely impressive.

    Handler is making her body parts a name for themselves … she went to war with Instagram last month after they took down her topless photo mocking Vladimir Putin.

    Did we say she has a nice ass?

    Chelsea’s going in on IG again — she just REposted her topless Putin shot with a caption questioning why the app is cool with shots of Kim K’s bare ass (and Chelsea’s too) … but not cool with her exposed boobs. She added, “I’m just so confused.”
    -Via TMZ



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