“Cats” Movie Tanks After Making Just $6 Million Opening Weekend

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Audiences were left scratching their heads over the mess that was the Cats movie this weekend, with the movie bringing in just $6.5 million opening weekend off a $95 million budget.

While Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1981 musical “Cats” may have had a decades-long run on stage, the big screen is not being as friendly. Audiences were, frankly, appalled by the film and couldn’t believe the creators were serious.

The film had some HUGE names in it, so it is even more shocking that audiences were unwilling to embrace it out of their love for the stars. Taylor Swift said she had a great time making it and had no idea it would be a flop. “It just was so funny because regardless of what the end result is, there’s just never been a movie made like this, which is why it was so fun to be a part of,” Swift said.

Also in the film are Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Judi Dench, and James Corden, plus many more. With a cast like this, you’d really have to have a horrifying script for there to be nothing redeemable about it.

After the whopping failure and terrible feedback following opening weekend for the Cats movie, the makers have apparently rushed to the cutting floor to try to spruce it up. One source says that Universal is in the process of sending theaters “updated” versions with added effects, likely in a hope to make it more exciting. All we can say to this is, please don’t try putting lipstick on a pig. Just move on and take the L.

Director Tom Hooper has blamed the quality on being pressed for time and having to rush the film to make it to theaters on time as planned. There were many notable mistakes in the final edit showing a lack of care, such as – ghast! – human hands instead of furry paws caught in a scene.

The movie currently has only an 18% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We have to ask…what the heck did they spend the other $94.5 million on? Because it doesn’t seem like it was THIS movie.

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