Cardi B Pleads Not Guilty in Court

cardi b

Cardi B headed to court, where she plead not guilty to a slew of charges, including two felonies that could end up putting the rapper in prison for up to 4 years.

This has been a while ride this week for Cardi B. She won album of the year at the BET Awards over the weekend just after finding out about the Grand Jury’s decision.

Cardi B could have been home free with a slap on the wrist for her case, where prosecutors say she ordered and participated in the assault of two women whom she believed were in a relationship with her husband, rapper Offset of Migos. The incident went down at a New York strip club.

The women claimed they were injured after being hit with chairs and bottles.

However, prosecutors took another look at her case following new evidence they claimed changed the case enough to warrant sending it to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury ended up indicting Cardi B on 12 charges, including two new felony charges and several misdemeanors.

She appeared in court with her lawyer.  She was arraigned and plead not guilty to the charges.

Cardi rocked a navy blue suit and clean cut bob at her shoulders as she strutted past reporters into and out of the courthouse. She naturally kept it Cardi though with her long nails and cleavage poppin. We would expect nothing less.

This isn’t Cardi’s first brush with violence. She also got into a huge brawl at a NYFW event with Nicki Minaj‘s people. Photos showed her emerging from the event with a giant knot on her forehead, which she got during the fight.  She’s also talked about her past of drugging and robbing men when she worked as a stripper.  She has remained unapologetic for it all, with ongoing support from fans.


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