Brielle Biermann Gets Dragged Online Over Plastic Surgery

While Kim and Brielle Biermann like to pretend they are au natural, followers couldn’t hide their shock at Brielle’s 22nd birthday photo.

Brielle and her mom Kim, who appear on the show Real Housewives of Atlanta, have long been criticized for their plastic surgery. They both have had the audacity to downplay their surgeries, but no one can deny they have slowly morphed into one another to the point that we really can’t even tell them apart anymore.

She was criticized just days ago for joking about getting a “3 for 1 special” at the surgeons with her mom and sister. The Twitterverse came for her then, and they came for her this time too.

She posted a photo to celebrate her pending 22nd birthday celebration. The comments rolled in at an overwhelming pace, all asking her to chill with the knife up of her face.

Followers felt she looked more than twice her age thanks to the work she’s had done.

Here’s the side-by-side of her old and new faces:

Check out some of most savage of them below:

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