Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: Still Sparks! Is There Romance?

brad pitt jennifer aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ran into each other at the Screen Actors Guild awards, and even a blind man could see that these two still have crazy sparks and chemistry together. And we aren’t going to pretend like we haven’t been hoping for this forever!

Fans of the famous exes were thrown a speck of hope that these two might find their way back to one another one day after they shared a smiley greeting at the show. While the red carpet encounter went swimmingly well, the real interesting part was watching Brad Pitt slyly and cutely smile as he watched Jen accept an award on a screen backstage. There’s no hiding his feelings, but can these two ever get back together?

Pitt famously left Aniston, his wife, for Angela Jolie when the two filmed together. Pitt and Jolie went on to have and adopt children, and they even eventually tied the knot in 2014. However, it didn’t last, and they went through a very messy and long breakup that still doesn’t seem to have all the loose ends tied up.

Fans have always hoped for a reunion between the two every time one their relationships fizzle, but nothing has ever materialized (at least that we know about). So perhaps, Brad, now at a wiser age with lots more perspective on life, may see that he had something amazing and want that ol’ thang back. Who knows – perhaps these two really are kindred spirits that will reconnect for a happily ever after? After all, Jen’s relationships have fizzled and been short-lived as well, so here’s to us all hoping that we can all get this Hollywood style happily-ever-after with these two we’ve dreamed of since new episodes of Friends were still airing.

Cross your fingers!

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