Bobby Valentino Seeks Warrant for His Transgender Accuser Over Extortion

Bobby Valentino has had it with this mess.

While the world has been following the Bobby Valentino drama, Bobby Valentino has decided to fight back against the transgender woman who accused him of not paying his “bill.” After video of him fleeing her apartment with no shoes, everyone took notice. The transgender woman claimed at the end of the video – and afterwards online – that she was a prostitute and Bobby was fleeing his bill. However, he claimed he didn’t even know she was a dude, never mind a prostitute.

She then changed her story again, saying he assaulted her, which pretty much no one is buying. So, it seems Bobby Valentino is trying to do what he can to save what little good reputation he may have left. He and his lawyers are seeking a warrant on the woman, Reima Houston, for extortion, claiming she used the video to try to extort the R&B singer for money once she realized who he was.

Bobby says she demanded $2000 to not post the video, and he clearly didn’t want to pay up. Houston maintains that he is the one who was pushy and assaulted her, but her story stinks, honestly. If she was assaulted, why would she be on video telling him to bring her money laughing? Hmm…We’ll let the courts deal with this messiness. Y’all can have it.

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