Bobby Brown Drops Tea on Janet Jackson During Biopic

Bobby Brown is blindsiding everyone with his revelations in his new biopic.

People are in a frenzy after Bobby Brown schooled everybody on what was going down between him and some of the biggest stars, including Janet Jackson.

While everybody knows about his long and controversial relationship with Whitney Houston, but what people didn’t know was that he also was in love with Janet Jackson.

Bobby appeared on this week’s episode of The New Edition Story on BET and talked about how he tried to woo Janet, giving her gifts and attention, but she wasn’t into him. He talked about feeling like his dark skin was the reason she didn’t want him, as her family (we all know how things go in the Jackson family) wouldn’t have been ok with it. They hooked up, but she wasn’t returning his feelings. He then went into a story about how after the two got intimate in a hotel room, he got angry and kicked her out of the room naked, slamming the door in her face. And that was that.

He also discussed seeing his childhood friend murdered.

Bobby has definitely been through a lot in his long and prosperous career, and this biopic certainly showed a lot of ups and downs for the singer.

He talked of his own mother selling cocaine when he was a child, which eventually he did too, and he started using.

Fame also brought demons, as he said that as his popularity and success grew, people’s jealousy also grew. He was nearly killed in a drive-by shooting that caused the death of his future brother-in-law as they left a local bar one night in his hometown.

While most people know about Brown’s history with Whitney and drugs, the details about his relationship with Janet were shocking:

And there you have it.

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