Beyonce and Kim K. Have a Girls Day at the Dermatologist

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce were spotted at a top notch dermatologist’s office in Beverly Hills.

There’s nothing like getting a recommendation from a personal friend.
And it seems either Kim Kardashian or Beyonce has given a glowing review of their favourite dermatology clinic.
The two were caught arriving for overlapping appointments at the exclusive Lancer Dermatology on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Friday within minutes of one another.

Smiling Beyonce, seen through the window sitting in the back of her car, was dressed in a blue and white patterned jumpsuit.
Meanwhile Kim, 33, drove herself to the clinic, looking straight faced as she hid behind sunglasses in the drivers seat.
The Lancer Clinic offers exclusive products at high prices – everything from laser skin treatment to chemical peels and facials.
Perhaps relations are thawing between Beyonce and Kim, after a rather cool start to their friendship.


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