Azealia Banks Comes for Beyoncé

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azealia banks

We’re sure Queen Bey isn’t bothered by Azealia Banks’ nonsense.

Azealia Banks had the nerve to try to drag Beyoncé. As if she hadn’t gotten enough negative backlash from the whole Wild’n Out nonsense, she continues to voice her highly unfavorable opinions on social media.

To sum up, she called Beyoncé a basic b***h and claimed she stole her choreography from her.

Her posts read:

“It always looks like Giselle doing her best Beyonce impression. I really hope she gets real with herself soon and humbles herself enough to accept the visions and full projects women who admire her put together FOR HER.”

“Like we don’t need anymore Beyonce thot moments. no one needs Beyonce doing #ootd’s like she some up and coming fashion toast b*tch. It’s like what next? Beyonce’s fashion nova collaboration???? I have NO CLUE why she wants to be a ergular bitch. It makes me sad.

“I realize that my ex-dancer Ashanti choreographed for Beyonce and stole the original choreography @gypjaq made for count contessa. Beyonce needs to get over herself and just hire me cause even though Coachella was cute…it was still more of the same.”

For someone who has A LOT of “advice” for others, she SURE hasn’t been able to get her own career poppin. Perhaps she learn to bite her tongue and focus on that rather than spend so much time worrying about what others are or are not doing. Just a thought.

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