Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Break Up

The fat lady has sung on this relationship.

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have called it quits after they were too busy to make it work.

This is common in Hollywood and not surprising, especially since Ariana is one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

It can’t be easy, but we’re sad to see this end! We love them as a couple.

They had been dating since 2016.

Ariana’s schedule is only going to get crazier as she prepares to drop her upcoming album Sweetner, from which she just dropped the single “No Tears Left to Cry.”

They claim that they continue to be great friends, but if you really love someone, schedules shouldn’t matter. Still, it can be rough not being together often, and it can cause strain in a relationship that manifests in other ways. No one really knows what happened except them.

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