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ANTM Winner Sues the Show After They Took Her Crown Over Escort Past


    Aren’t these kinds of things good for ratings? Why hate ANTM, why hate?
    Via TMZ:
    An “America’s Next Top Model” contestant says producers snatched her crown AFTER she won it fair and square, because they found out … she used to be an escort.

    Angelea Preston says things started to go South right before she taped the finale of the All-Star season in 2011. According to a lawsuit she’s filing … Preston told producers, confidentially, prior to filming the season she had been an escort for about a year — and that spread like wildfire to the rest of the cast and crew.

    After the finale was taped — and Preston had won the grand prize — she says a casting director called and grilled her about the whole escort business. In the suit, Preston says she admitted it, but insists she was a legal escort and not a prostitute. Despite this, Preston was told she had violated her contract and could not be the winner.

    Preston says her pay-for-play days were well behind her when she shot the All-Star season, so therefore she did NOT break the contract. She says losing the title cost her a bunch of Vogue spreads, and a $100,000 CoverGirl deal.

    She’s suing producers, networks, and studios for breach of contract and says she suffered at least $3 million in damages.




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