Allegations of Child Abuse Surface Against Brad Pitt

This is getting ugly fast!


As the world continues to react to the divorce of one of its beloved couples, Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, reports are swirling that Brad Pitt is being investigated for a complaint of child abuse after allegedly becoming both physically and verbally abuse to one of their children on a flight last week. This is the main reason for Angelina deciding to file for divorce. Apparently, Brad’s alcohol use and anger issues have pushed Angelina over the edge, which is understandable when it comes to how he treats the kids. Neither have spoken to the media about the situation, however, so info is still pretty sketchy. Police did show up to a house he was reportedly staying at regarding the complaint, however.

Pitt’s costar Marion Cotillard continues to deny any affair with the actor, though sources say that Angelina was very jealous of her close ties to the actor given their steamy roles starring opposite one another. The affair may be all in Angelina’s head, but the rest may not be. Time will probably tell as more info is leaked!

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston hightailed it out of LA amid all the craziness, as she’s been pulled into it given that Brad left her for Angelina (despite it being over a decade ago).


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