All Eyes Are on Anna Luther

Anna Luther has come out swinging with her new album “Name,” and everyone is watching this newcomer to the pop-indie scene.


She’s in the thick of it as she awaits the drop of her debut album, and we’re counting down the days with her. Calling the shots herself, she’s in control of her budding career as she swoops in with an incredible sound.

For 20-year-old Anna, it’s all about the story. “I sing about life, love, and the stories of people I read,” she told MusicDigi in an interview. The singer-songwriter records and produces from her apartment at Virginia Tech, showing how indie artists get creative when working towards success.

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Luther’s music aspirations were almost cut short after suffering a devastating vocal cord injury that required extensive surgery three years ago. With hard work and perseverance, she bounced back in order to become a force to be reckoned with in music. Her rich vocals and lyrics that dig deep are paired with retro synths and unforgettable melodies.

“I sing about life, love, and the stories of people”

With a new album under her belt, she is making the move from singing and writing as a hobby to a major career. Her passion for music and storytelling are evident among the many tracks featured on her upcoming album. Her dreamy vocals paired over curiosty-inducing melodies are grounded by poignant and poetic words. We just can’t turn off her music. Listening is like floating on a puffy white cloud.

Let’s also not ignore the fact that she’s gorgeous, with a look that channels Tori Amos mixed with a bit of Kali Ellie Goulding. Don’t sleep on this vibrant and powerful voice that will soon become a household name as she traverses her way to the top of the music industry.
Her sincere desire that her fans will enjoy her musical journey inspires her while making her fans fall in love with her even more. We’re totally fangirling over Luther, so catch up quick and add some good music to your life, because we just can’t get enough.

The single “Name” by Anna Luther is distributed globally by MusicDigi (MusicDigi.com) and is available on iTunes for convenient purchase and download.

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