Aaron Carter Looks TOTALLY Different! What Happened?

Aaron Carter must be doing something different.

Aaron Carter has seriously beefed up in the last few weeks. He says he has put on around 30 pounds, and it shows! He no longer looks strung out like a drug addict who hasn’t eaten in months. In a now deleted post, he wrote:

From 115 pounds to 145 In a few weeks. On the left 115 on the right 145 🙏🏻Continuing to focus on myself and my health. Sorry I couldn’t wait to show you till 2018 🤷🏼‍♂️#proudofmyself #StressFree I missed you all so much. Needed some time to heal and this is a direct result.

We aren’t sure what he’s doing differently, but whatever it is, we hope he keeps it up.

Check out his before and after:

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