Aaron Carter Debuts Giant Face Tattoo

Aaron Carter might just be the poster boy for what not to do in 2020 after making what appears to be yet another excellent judgment call by getting a giant tattoo on the side of his face.

Carter proudly showed off the new ink in an Instagram Live video. He showed off the tat in the mirror and rode a 4-wheeler in apparent celebration of his decision to permanently spiffy up his face.

He posted a shirtless photo and proclaimed in the caption, β€œTHE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME”.

He’s been going through more family drama recently too. He publicly stated that his deceased sister, who is no longer here to defend herself from his allegations, molested him when they were younger. Both his older brother and former Backstreet Boy member Nick and his twin sister Angel have taken out restraining orders on Aaron. They claimed that he had thoughts about violently killing Nick’s wife and unborn child.

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